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Description of SNIPER ASSASSIN

SNIPER ASSASSIN is the most exciting and challenging first person shooter(FPS) experience that you have been desiring to play is now out on Google Play! If you are big fan of shooting game, there is little not to give a try of this thrilling SNIPER ASSASSIN!A mob of terrorists have kidnapped array of innocent citizens and require heavy ransom to let these hostages go! Otherwise, they will kill all of them! Police took actions to control this situation, but it didn’t work! As a master assassin, you are hired to infiltrate insecure locations, destroy high-profile targets and rescue all the innocent civilians! Sniper, take a deep breath and pull the trigger to make kill shot!Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminate terrors. You are the only elite frontier of this battle to fight against the high risk of this world! It’s no time for diplomacy. It’s time for action!PROVOCATIVE ENEMIESMeet with different types of enemies, each with their own strengths and combat objectives in this black opsNUMERIOUS CHALLENGING MISSIONS-Enter into occupied building to complete breach missions, clear all the terrorist threats, and rescue all the innocent hostages-Save hostages’ life before they get killed-Find your best sniper vantage points and make kill shot before you are killed-Survive a full on terrorist attack in assault missions and make a bravo kill shot of mobs of terrorist threatCHALLENGING MISSIONS TO COMPLETE-Test your accuracy and shooting skills in LEVELS tournament-Kill terrorist group and rescue all the hostages in CHALLENGE & SURVIVAL tournament-Search all potential terrorists and make kill shot before they escape-As master assassin, lead your black ops to complete this rescue missionSNIPER ASSASSIN Features:-first person shooter action packed gameplay-challenging anti-terrorist mission to complete-provocative LEVELS, CHALLENGES and SURVIVAL tournament-huge array of weapons and equipment to use-advanced weapon upgrade system -destructive weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-exciting map with realistic fighting arena environmentMaster sniper assassin, it’s time to take action!

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Android 2.3.2+

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